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Why Diversily?

Why we chose the name Diversily and what it represents

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29 years after the creation of the World Wide Web, the process of naming an organisation is not as simple as it used to be. We thought long and hard about what we wanted our organisation to represent. We let our creative juices loose. We came up with lots of ideas that were, well..., taken! No free web domain, no Twitter handle.

We agreed to proceed with phase 1 of our mission “Gather support from people and organisations who share our vision” with the name Diversily. That’s Diversity with an L instead of a T. So, why Diversily?

We want it to be fun and light hearted to some degree. There is of course some serious dialogue to be had so we want to create a friendly and open place for it.

We want our name to represent this more conscious, enlightened way of working, thinking and acting that has diversity and inclusion built in. It's a bit like being eco-friendly. 50 years ago no one really gave environmental concerns a thought, and now they are a consideration in everything we do. Awareness about diversity and inclusion is much same thing. Just less catchy!

We want our sector to be more ‘Diversily minded’. To think Diversily is to:

  • Recognise when you are surrounded by people ‘like you’ and the limitations of the ‘echo chamber’ 
  • Actively seek to attract and engage with people who are ‘not like you'
  • Listen, be open minded and empathetic
  • Actively seek out contributions from people with different perspectives
  • Not simply be guided by the loudest, most confident voice
  • Recognise and try to counter unconscious bias

We recognise that diversity is only the first step. Once organisations have a more diverse and representative workforce, the real secret to success is inclusion; ensuring that everyone feels valued and is supported to contribute to the best of their abilities. We believe that our ethos around being more ‘Diversily minded’ will drive this inclusion.

Diversily is our current working name. However it is your community, so we want your feedback. Until we officially launch we are very much open to ideas.

Tell us what you think.

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